About us


Our main goal is to bring environmental principles of behavior closer to all individuals and organizations and to support them in introducing and respecting these principles in their daily activities. We are an ecological family that wants to spend a good and useful time in harmony with nature. We intend to organize and help environmental actions and projects in Serbia and around the world. For us, time spent in nature is the greatest wealth. We want to help people remind themselves that they are part of nature and that they wanted, did not want to, affect the natural balance.


Our family organization connects every person with his natural environment through his activities. Through our projects, we encourage the local population to think ecologically. We bring communities practical solutions to their everyday environmental problems. Through trainings, schools and camps, we encourage children and young people to have healthy environmental habits. In cooperation with other environmental associations in the country and abroad, we influence the improvement of environmental protection and the development of sustainable ecological systems.


When we look through our “visor”, everything we see is very simple and natural. In the future, we see our organization as one, really normal family full of friends and dear associates who join in actions and projects in order to always make at least one small or big step towards cleaner and healthier nature and its environment.